Saturday, December 29, 2007

this is a post for you lurkers ...

... inspired by a visit from a long-lost person. (you know who you are, and now you better at least comment occasionally)

i know i'm terrible about posting. i realized some time ago that having a full time job where i'm not stuck in a cube, at a desk, is a good thing ... except when it comes to blogging. i used to write and read blogs pretty much all day at the old job. it made me look busy (except when i got caught).

now i have no time to sit and blog. i only recently got internet at home, and even that isn't quite up to par yet, so that hasn't been very helpful. sometimes i have a great connection and sometimes it just sucks.

so even though it's not technically 2008 yet, i'm making a new year's resolution to at least blog once a month. that sounds really sad but hey, it'll be a lot better than twice a year.

i will do that in exchange for: all you lurkers (especially the ones who track me down from my past, and you know who you are) comment now and then, would ya? my surprize visitor today didn't think i'd want a comment from the past. well of course i would. and this same visitor needs to email me, because i was an idiot and forgot to ask something very important. so this is now also a test, to see if you look again at my blog. ha ha.

and THANK YOU again for the visit, it was nice to see you, and meet your lady, and get a present delivered all in one day.

and to everyone else: find a moment to relax this holiday season. even though i've done a minimum of shopping, i feel totally worn out. i am exhausted. granted, i work retail 6 days a week, that could have something to do with it.

anyway, please take a moment to reflect on your year, things that have been good, even things that have been bad. i'm learning life is f***in short. it's important to keep perspective.

and i wish everything good for 2008. may it only get better!

p.s. for my cousin ryan, who i don't even think knows i have a blog, happy end-of-two-thousand-"sebn". it was a blast, my friend.