Wednesday, June 27, 2007

why i haven't been blogging.

so all that crap i said last week about how busy i am ... well really the reason i haven't been blogging is this:

this is kris. kris, meet everybody.

enough said? thanks. i thought so.

(okay seriously, i am giddy happy right now. i can't even explain it. it was an accident and predestined from the fates or something, because there's pretty much zero reason we would have met otherwise. okay now that's really enough said!)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

still taking in air

so can we just not mention how long it's been since i posted? because truly, i don't know how long.

let's just move on. things are insane, but when are they not? i have a new job as of may 1. yes, a full time gig at a place i love ... 3 Kittens Needle Arts ... i left the bank FINALLY and even though i've had to be a bit more careful about my budget, it's been so worth it!!

i did the avon breast cancer 2-day walk on may 4th and 5th with my aunt and 2 cousins. it was fantastic, and i still don't have any pictures, or i'd have those up already.

mostly i've been working a lot. a LOT. knitting a LOT. even crocheting a LOT.

several other things to post about ... pictures to come ... i want to get back in this habit (such as it was)