Wednesday, June 27, 2007

why i haven't been blogging.

so all that crap i said last week about how busy i am ... well really the reason i haven't been blogging is this:

this is kris. kris, meet everybody.

enough said? thanks. i thought so.

(okay seriously, i am giddy happy right now. i can't even explain it. it was an accident and predestined from the fates or something, because there's pretty much zero reason we would have met otherwise. okay now that's really enough said!)


wallacekristian said...

I love you. That's all there is to it. I'm sorry I take your precious time away from your readers though. lol I don't mean to. Okay. So maybe I do, but I think that it's well worth it. :D

La vita e bella con ti.

Sheryl Lange said...

Yay!! Love is a many splendid thing!


D. said...

Way to go Tiff!

Miss you guys,

KC said...

You are a very lucky girl. I just caught your blog from the 3 kittens site. So, you are twice blessed.
Do not let a good blog die.
keep knitting. Check out my blog if ya want.
Hi Kris, btw. KC

paperedtogether said...

congratulations, tiff! I miss you and would love your email address!

your long lost cousin krista