Sunday, February 17, 2008

quick update (because i promised)

hello all ... and i'm realizing there are more and more people out there reading this (a bit scary, and cool!)

i was at work today (like most days) and i had no less than 5 lovely, concerned people ask how Duncan is. and i promised i would update:


he has been quite stable for a couple of weeks, since the last post, really, and we went back to the vet, checked his weight (which is remaining the same), and re-checked his blood.

his total Biliruben (which is a measure of liver enzymes) was, when i first took him in, 19.3. that was 65 times normal. VERY VERY SCARY. as of last week, his Biliruben is only twice normal. YES. that is outstanding. his yellowness has gone away, and his hair is just starting to grow back.

and he is also eating on his own - at least sometimes. he is back to demanding turkey nearly every time i open (or go near) the refrigerator, and i am slowly weaning off feeding him through his tube. as long as his weight remains stable, i know that he is eating enough and hopefully within the next couple of months, i'll be able to get this tube taken out.

thank you again, everyone, for your concerns and nice thoughts.

i'm going to make my next post NOT be about a sick (or recovering) cat.