Friday, March 16, 2007

my workplace

you guys. i am all for a clean workplace. but look at this:

that is a tube of Blistex for scale. that is a SERIOUSLY LARGE bottle of hand sanitizer. this belongs to one of my co-workers. (she's new) she is out sick today (can you say "ironic"?) and i was borrowing her chair so i could goof off ... umm ... do some work in another cube. i took the chair back and spotted this monstrosity. i was just so stunned by it, i immediately took a picture of it.

those of us who are in the office today are wondering if we should take this personally.

personally i think hand sanitizer is completely unnecessary 99.9% of the time (which, coincidentally, is the amount of germs it supposedly kills). unless i've just used a porta-potty and there are no hand washing facilities, you won't find me using hand sanitizer.

i do wash my hands, people. i just don't use that scary gel stuff that makes my hands smell weird.

Monday, March 12, 2007

my dad is a rock star!

check out this amazing yarn hanging thing my dad made!! he brought it down to my apartment yesterday and we had fun hanging it. (then we went to the Bad Waitress for lunch!)
it's 3x5 feet, made of cedar with oak pegs so i can hang my pretty hanks of yarn on it. i didn't have time to really hang them yesterday, but i can't wait to do it when i get home!
aren't you just jealous!!

finally some FO's!!

i haven't posted in a while, and i stole Shawn's camera today and took a bunch of pictures, so here we go!!

first, here is my Central Park Hoodie, my first cabled project! it was really fun to work on. it's made out of Classic Elite Skye Tweed. this is so not a flattering picture, but i was trying to get a decent shot in the mirror. here's a detail of the front.

next up, my Flared Lace Smoke Ring. this was amazing to work on - i took Janine's class at 3 Kittens and had amazing yarn to work on, thanks to a Christmas present from my aunt Kim, it's Folknits Qiviuq.

i promise i'll post some WIP's tomorrow. those, i have a LOT of.