Friday, March 16, 2007

my workplace

you guys. i am all for a clean workplace. but look at this:

that is a tube of Blistex for scale. that is a SERIOUSLY LARGE bottle of hand sanitizer. this belongs to one of my co-workers. (she's new) she is out sick today (can you say "ironic"?) and i was borrowing her chair so i could goof off ... umm ... do some work in another cube. i took the chair back and spotted this monstrosity. i was just so stunned by it, i immediately took a picture of it.

those of us who are in the office today are wondering if we should take this personally.

personally i think hand sanitizer is completely unnecessary 99.9% of the time (which, coincidentally, is the amount of germs it supposedly kills). unless i've just used a porta-potty and there are no hand washing facilities, you won't find me using hand sanitizer.

i do wash my hands, people. i just don't use that scary gel stuff that makes my hands smell weird.


Anonymous said...

CRAZY!! I love it because everyone in my department have hand sanitizer and anti bacterial wipes on their desks. Of course, most of them have been sick as well!

Scarlett said...

I saw that size at our local grocery and thought the same thing. Serious overkill.

I work at a resturant, where everyone has been out repeatedly with the ick, so they installed wall dispensers of hand sanitizer. And I used to have a co-worker who was my back up on the phone and when she relieved me she would spray the entire desk with a huge bottle of lysol. I never knew how to take it.

Guinifer said...

She is obviously a Costco shopper.

I'm with you on the sanitizer. If those germs were gonna kill us, a lot more of us would be long-gone.