Wednesday, February 14, 2007

what's your secret?

have you ever heard of the postsecret site? you should check it out; it's pretty amazing. sad. inspiring. funny.

... go now, i'll wait ...

i've gone so far as to submit secrets to frank and almost peed myself when i found one posted on his site, well over a year ago. so imagine my surprize when i picked up frank's books, which i bought because the proceeds go to support a suicide prevention hotline, and found my secret published!

needless to say, i didn't keep this a secret. it wasn't hard to reveal, since my secret is a funny one, although it has brought me some ridicule since i put it out there.

i found out frank was coming to town, and dragged shawn and terri with me to hear him speak and get to meet him. i decided i must take my secret with me. so there i am, standing in line, holding my secret in my arms. people kept asking me about it. i kept showing them my page in the book. i was simultaneously thrilled and embarassed. i mean, it is a silly secret. finally i got to the front of the line and i plunked down my secret in front of frank.

he immediately knew what it was, which was great. i case you can't tell by the picture, that is a large container full of staples. used, pulled staples.

my secret reads, "i save all the staples i pull at work. they're in a box in my desk. it weighs over a pound and a half."

for a moment, frank thought i was giving him this container. but i couldn't!

at this point i'm not sure what the container weighs, but i do know it's over five pounds. in my defense, this is not some kind of severe ADD. it started as a future sculpture project and something weird to keep my mind occupied during my oh-so-exciting job. now i can't stop. now i have a goal of filling this container.

frank was an amazing speaker. he talked so frankly about the importance of secrets, of having them, of sharing them, of living with them, of dealing with them. whether funny, serious, sad, uplifting, he treats them with the utmost respect.

thanks frank, and as long as you keep posting, i'll keep sending secrets!

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Guinifer said...

OMG. That is a hilarious secret. I totally love it.