Monday, October 02, 2006

WIPing and KIPing right along

progress on the jaywalker: (so loving this pattern!!)

and i started pinwheel sweater #1 (pictures to come) last night, this is going to be so cute!

i worked all weekend (missing most of the gorgeous weather). last night had dinner with shawn and janine, KIPing right along at old chicago. the poor, overworked waitress was very interested in our knitting, as she is a new knitter ("just scarves so far").

on saturday night, shawn and i went to see cake which i won tickets for by singing the first verse of "short skirt/long jacket" on the radio friday morning! then met some of shawn's frat boys for several beverages. fun night. shawn kicked the boys' asses at darts. soundly.

sorry, i'm not feeling really creative in my writing this morning, although i did manage to take pictures on saturday morning for a semi-top secret project to come.

i am looking forward to the new furnace and air conditioner being installed today! and checking out 1 or 2 new knitting groups this week.

i think i need coffee .........

1 comment:

Guinifer said...

I love the Jaywalkers - I have those on my short term list.

Are you doing the pinwheel sweater in the colors shown? It's so distinctive! I love the Oxblood edging.