Wednesday, September 27, 2006

all this and a pair of socks

so in addition to madly knitting away at a pair of socks this weekend, i helped build this retaining wall!

i wish i had the ability to merge these pictures into one continuous ... but i don't have that here.

shawn and i went up to joe's resort and in exchange for a lovely weekend up north, we put sweat and love into this wall. poor joe had built it a few years ago when he bought the place, but didn't know about putting that landscaping felt behind the rocks so your lovely black dirt doesn't start running down the hill. so we dug out the rocks, dug back into the hill a bit to widen the road, laid down the felt and put the rocks back up. joe had also had some washouts recently of the gravel road, so one of his neighbors came over in his bobcat to move some new gravel around. looks pretty good, eh?

you can see the beginnings of a second tier of the wall for us to do next spring. we ran out of time and rocks, but i threw down a boatload of grass seed, so i'm hoping that will come up a bit this fall and help hold some of that dirt back. the big overall plan is to have a third tier as well, so that the parking space for the cabin will have a better base.

joe has a fantastic resort, and i highly recommend going up there. this was my 5th trip (6th?) and i have enjoyed every one of them. i promise joe won't make you do heavy lifting. we volunteered :)

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