Wednesday, September 20, 2006


yes! another finished object. this is a gift for my aunt kim. well, the knitting is a gift. she bought the yarn, and i made it! she just needs a zipper and she's all set!

it's the "Bulky Neckdown Cardigan for Women" by Knitting Pure and Simple. the yarn is Shaefer's Elaine in the Kermie colorway.

this is my favorite part of the sweater, and why i love this yarn so much:

i had made myself the same sweater, same yarn, out of the Bette Davis colorway (hence the sweater's name is Bette):

and i got the same effect:

it's so cozy!!


Linda said...

wow, these look great :-)
I'm doing one very similar, but on a smaller scale ... baby sized for my nephew's baby girl

G said...

Your socks remind me of my own (much) earlier years of utilitarian obsessions (though not so brightly colored as yours!) First it was patchwork quilts, then crocheting, then sewing tops using the fabric inside out, and now, photographing entirely within 4'x4'x4' interior studio spaces.

Tiffany, your jaywalker socks can lead you anywear--or where! Onward!