Saturday, September 16, 2006

a new hole

i got a new piercing today, my right tragus. (that's the little bit that kind of sticks out into your ear from the side of your head, if that makes any sense)

my more recent piercings have been done on significant dates (like my 30th birthday, or other things i care to remember), and this is no exception.

today would have been my mom's 63rd birthday.

i miss her.

i wanted to mark it in some way, and since i can't afford a new tattoo yet, this seems like the next best thing. i got a little silver hoop with a bright green bead, one of her favorite colors.

i didn't want to go to work today, but it was a nice distraction. i'm feeling a lot of weight on my heart and mostly i'm just trying to do "normal" things. one of these days i'm just simply going to break down. i just keep reminding myself that there is no "normal" when you lose a parent and that whatever i feel, i just need to let myself feel it and deal with it.

i had some time between my piercing and work, so i spent about 20 minutes at the walker sculpture garden, kind of meditating, kind of just sitting and thinking. it was a nice, sunny, breezy day.

this is my mom, me, and my dad in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico in January.

i miss her so much.

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