Tuesday, September 12, 2006

i need to heed good advice

so i didn't follow Stephanie's advice from sunday night. i was telling two of my co-workers this morning, on our way to get coffee, about meeting one of my "knitting heroes". now, i should know better anyway, but i should have followed the Harlot's advice about talking about knitting in public with non-knitters. they really don't understand. one co-worker in particular, Michelle, lives to make fun of me. deep down, i do know it's out of love (truly!), but she isn't a knitter and the first question out of her mouth was, "There are knitting heroes?"


i should have given up right there, but i just couldn't, i felt like i needed to explain so they would understand the wonder of it all.

it was kind of a similar feeling of trying to explain to Mandy about why it was cool to be deemed sockworthy. this time i did take Stephanie's advice, and related it to sports. that kind of worked. the part that was easier about explaining to Mandy was that i've actually read some of the Harlot to her, and she actually laughed. i'll pretend she was laughing with me.

in other news, it's definitely fall here in minnesota. the air feels different, and it's cooler. the only reason i'm glad for it is that i can finally wear my sweaters without sweating to death. the day i'd finished my Sunrise was the first day it was over 70 degrees this spring, and i haven't been able to wear it since, except to show it off.

and i started back at the cafe last night. it was kind of a slow night, but it was nice to be back and i got to see Amy and her lovely Misti Suri sweater. can't wait to see that finished!

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