Tuesday, September 26, 2006


well, after a very tumultuous start, the darling Yarn Monkey did manage to get us started. i finished my socks yesterday morning, and sent them off last night, after finally getting my target's address!!

this was really fun - my goal was to get mine done and mailed before i got taken out, and now whatever else happens is a bonus. would you believe this is my FIRST pair of completed socks?

a pair of socks in 3 days AND helped build a retaining wall. more on that later.

i learned a lot from this Sock Wars experience: mother nature always wins. and socks aren't as hard as i thought they'd be.


Carrie said...

Those look great! What kind of yarn did you use?

sylv said...

I agree, they look beautifull ! Are they the ones you're sending away ? I don't think I could part with them..!!